There are currently 3,551 IMB missionaries on the field. We recently asked the question, “What would it take to double our current force to 7,000 IMB missionaries?” What kind of outsized impact could we see if that many Jesus-loving missionaries were scattered all over the globe? When we thought about it, we got excited!

With 5.2 million active Southern Baptists each week, it would require a little less than an additional $1 each week from each Southern Baptist. When we saw that number we realized, that’s a goal that we can reach! When we realized that this was a doable goal, we got really excited! So here’s what we are asking you to consider. We are asking each Southern Baptist to give $1, per week, above and beyond their current giving to the Lottie Moon offering.

Dream together with us and imagine what could happen if every Southern Baptist gave $1, and that led to 7,000 missionaries, and that changed the world? Come get excited with us!

We believe that, together, we can reach every nation with the gospel.